Lairds of Hunterston

1st William Venator 2nd Norman Venator 3rd Venator 4th Jon Deo Venator 5th Ardneil Huntar 6th Norman Huntar 7th The Huntar 8th Aylmere le Huntar 9th Huntar, Son of Aylmere 10th William Huntar 11th Huntar 12th William Huntar 13th Archibald Huntar 14th John Huntar 15th Robert Huntar 16th Kentigern Mungo […]

Gould Reas Hunter-Weston

The late lieutenant Colonel Gould Reas Hunter-Weston of Hunterston. F.S.A., D.I., J.P. CO. Ayr. Knight of Justice and Hon. Commander Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England.  Born 1823, being the son of James Willis Weston, Gentleman (of the family of Weston of Weston Lyzard and […]

James Ewing Hunter

M.B., CM.  Born Oct. 2, 1862, being the only son of David Hunter of Cathcart, Lanark, by his wife Jane Jardine, dau. of Peter Ewing. Armorial bearings – Per fesse invected vert and gules, stringed gold, in base the sun in his splendour of the third.  Mantling vert doubled or. […]

Hunter Coat of Arms

Charles Hunter, Esq., F.R.S.(Edin.), F.S.A.(Scot.), D.L., J.P., High Sheriff Anglesey (1890, County Alderman, late Major Militia, Lieut.-Col. and Hon. Col. (retired) 2nd Vol. Batt, R.W. Fusiliers, Knight of Justice of the Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England.