Scope of the study

Introduction Our study which is as big as it is we try the basic study attempts to: 1. Collect as much data as possible on people with the surnames HUNTER, HUNTAR, HUNTOR, HUNTUR, HUNTER BLAIR AND HUNTER-WESTON and their descendants 2. From the individuals into family groups of families linked […]


Our study to do is collect information on Hunter/Huntar/Huntor/Huntur/Hunter Blair and Hunter-Weston and to be the resource for all people researching the Hunter names. General The aim of this study is to collect every known fact about every person, at least starting with census records! Sources Actual census date has […]

Nursing Registers ~ Hunters

We have many Hunters in our One-Name Study who were in the medical field. This post will be remembering those from Ayrshire in the UK & Ireland, Nursing Registers, 1898-1968 which I found researching All Schools, Directories & Church Histories (accessed 4/20/2010). Jane Kennedy Hunter, Maybole, Ayrshire Christina Jane Hunter, […]

Hunter ~ One Name Study

I am a descendant of John Huntar, 14th Laird of Hunterston, Ayrshire, Scotland. In 2015 I registered with the Guild of One Name Studies the name of HUNTER. Also, I registered the varients of HUNTAR, HUNTBACH, HUNTE, HUNT, and HUNTEMULLER. As a Clan Hunter member our motto is “CURSUM PERFICIO” […]

Hunter DNA Project

Y-DNA is passed down from fathers to sons; a Y-DNA test provides information on your direct male line. Y-DNA determines whether families with the same last name are related and about when the common ancestor lived. Results relate only to male ancestors in your direct paternal line. Y-DNA tests also […]